This Page is About Theodore Bear
and Bernard the Dog and Their
Incredible Trip to Their New Home

The Litter of Bernard's at Gingen
Bernards brothers and sisters
family photo
Bernard, Theodore, and Teddy
First leg of the trip from Giengen
How the well to do furry family travels
Baby Bear in his Seat
Gotta love him, he's the baby
A little light reading
The vigilant Bernard whilst the bears are
in the little Teddy's Room
Last minute phone call before
leaving for the US
Bernard addresses his
teething issues on Theodore's
Theodore and the Business Class
Seat on CO 79 from Zurich to
No matter how small the detail, these
wonderful folks at Continental leave no
detail unaddressed.
Complex immigration forms and
the unruly seatmate
Finally, the champagne settles
the seat mate
At last, some time for the Wall
Street Journal
Bernard and Theodore after a long
day's journey
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This wonderful page would not have been possible if it were not for the wonderful folks on Continental 79
who really know how to take care of a passenger, no matter how small (or fuzzy).

-- But Wait, There is More!!!--

After six months, Bernard has moved to Canada to live with his adoptive family and now enjoys driving his 63 Vette.

Bernard in the Vette

So, Theodore was lonely and set his pet human, Bradley, off to Giengen to pick up a mail order Bride. Her name is
Bearnadette, and here are her adventures.
bearnadette reads checks her papers

Bearnadette studies her papers
bearnadette mulls her future

Bearnadette mulls her future
bearnadette reviews train itinerary

Bearnadette studies the itinary
bearnadette rests up after a long train ride

Bearnadette rests during the flight

Those pesky immigration forms

Bearnadette does those tough
immigration forms
The Reverend Scrat Presiding over the Nuptuals

The Reverand Scrat presides
over the nuptuals.