Credits: Bradley Warren Smith, Dennis Marc Dunseith
The New Kitchen Itch Strikes Windsor
Demolition and Reconstruction Bradley and Dennis Style
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Original Room
Wreckage in process
Original Room
New half wall, wholly
tired Dennis, wiring by
Original Room
Original Design
Original Room
Front room aka
Ikea central
Original Room
Dec 23, 2009
Cabinets in (sort of)
Original Room Original Room
Dennis says it is Salmon,
I say it is orange!
Original Room
View of oven cabinet
from new corridor
Original Room Original Room
Old Dining area
Original Room Original Room Original Room
Freshly cut countertops
Original Room Original Room
Microwave and
Oven now in place
and working

Dishwasher and soon to be
sink stand
lazy susan
Upper corner cabinet
with Lazy susan
vent hood now installed
Dennis' fancy exhaust
 ducting in place
working nook
Nook to right of
oven cabinet
stove now installed
Stove installed
induction stove closeup on finished countertop
Stove in place. Marks are the
controls for the stove
finished counter surface
Counter started dull.
Finished it with 80, 120,
150, 220, 320, 400, 600, 800
1000, 1200, 1500, and 2000
grit sandpaper. Finished
up with polishing compound
and orbital buffer for gloss.
sink in place
The under counter sink. Installed and routed and
ready for the tap.
Bradleys neat plumbing job
Plumbing job with dishwasher
connected, ready for tap.
Sanitary ready for basement
Sink and stove in place
Finally after what seems
 like an eternity, the
nightmare on Elmsmere
 is starting to look
like a kitchen.


Toaster oven nook
assembled ledge
Her Royal dogginess
inspects the completed
completed toaster oven nook
Completed toaster oven nook. The prisonial effect is due to the reflections of the white LEDs on the stainless steel tiles
The counter is ready for its final polishing
occupied nook
The occupied toaster oven nook, ready for production.
Passing final inspection

At last, the project gets the
good Huskykeeping seal of
The Princess of the house: Ms. Sarah
Our royal dogginess and our crew chief