Credit: Bradley Warren Smith PhD
The Ultimate do-it-yourself Kitchen Reno Project. Total torture duration: 90 days.
Great Kitchen Redo of 2009
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Original Room
First task completed:
Induction stove
Avonite Section
Original Room
Next task
3 bowl sink 6' left of
original sink
Original Room
Shot of newly built
sink cabinets. All
wood is treated with
Original Room
New disposer and
plumbing in place
Original Room
Some indication of
the chaos that
surrounded this
Original Room
This will be the sink
counter.  The freshly
sanded surface is
white. When Polished
it will be the color in
the next photo.
Original Room
This is the sink
counter in place. The
dishwasher is where
the old sink was and
the microwave is in
its final resting place.
Original Room
The goal of this project
was to improve the
usability of the galley
Original Room
Full view of the
Original Room
Final view of kitchen.
Floor is Blue Pearl
Granite installed by
Bradley 6 years